Global Delivery
Norwegian Seafood Council

Delivery of omni-channel campaigns in 23 markets

Delivering brand-led global campaigns while retaining the ability to respond to local opportunities can be easy when you’ve got the right tools in place. Here’s how VIVID enables the Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC) to be effective in the global marketplace. 

  • Producing B2B / B2C marketing materials across 23 markets using a multitude of agencies was a challenge for the Norwegian Seafood Council, both in terms of brand consistency and production efficiency.
  • The Norwegian Seafood Council now deliver marketing collateral though a streamlined, process led by the Account Service team in the Splash centre of excellence in London. Master creative content provided by the NSC central marketing team is quickly ingested, adapted and customised using our VIVID technology platform. Transcreated versions are produced and delivered for use by over 23 local marketing teams. This allows us to respond to opportunities and efficiently deliver work on tight turn-around times and to defined costs.
  • Assets created for use across four continents
    Specifically we cover over 23 markets and 18 languages (ranging from their neighbours Sweden all the way to China).
  • Campaigns delivered cross-channel
    We deliver assets across all channels, creating localised versions for print (OOH, brochure, POS, press), digital, online video and broadcast television.
  • 100+ assets per month delivered through VIVID
    We deliver over 100 core assets a month, each customised for end-market usage. All through our VIVID platform which ensures everything is seen and approved by the brand guardians.
  • Lowering costs through efficient delivery
    Using one set of master assets and one production agency has led to a significant reduction in overall production costs.
  • “Splash is a truly customer-focused company that always make sure that we reach our deadlines. They are flexible and extremely agile, and have been very service-minded when rolling out our global campaign for Seafood from Norway.” - Tom Jørgen Gangsø, Norwegian Seafood Council