Reacting to market opportunities through our connected martech solution

Norwegian are a brand built on efficiency, famous for providing the low-cost fares combined with great service and using one of the greenest fleet of aircraft in the world. Working with Splash has delivered efficiency in their marketing too, allowing them not only to build their brand but also to quickly respond to tactical advertising opportunities across multiple markets.

The business challenge
  • Before Splash, Norwegian were struggling to deliver value through their multiple creative agencies who managed all creative and production. This had led to lack of visibility of costs, duplication and lack of brand consistency and control. They wanted to streamline their marketing program to deliver efficiently across channels and markets.
The response
  • We worked with Norwegian’s central marketing team to understand their processes, requirements and existing technology infrastructure. We then built, tested and rolled out the Create portal solution over a six-week period, with 20 marketers trained (across 10 markets) on the Create portal over a four-day period. Following testing and approval, this portal was instantly rolled out and now allows them to rapidly respond to market opportunities across 17 markets worldwide.
The success measures
  • 33% reduction in production costs
    Norwegian saw a reduction in like-for-like production costs by 33%.
  • 17 markets and 15 languages
    We've translated over 30,000 words to date.
Awards and nominations
  • DADI Awards 2017 winner - Viral Campaign of the Year (Jointly with TRY, Norway.)