Introducing Sonos One

What better way to roll out a Sonos campaign in a new Instagram ad format? SAY IT BOLDLY. Splash created impactful new social content highlighting the benefits of Sonos' voice activation speaker system, built for the modern smart home.

The business challenge
  • Speak to modern consumers in a new way that typifies Sonos as a progressive technology brand.
  • Develop new content as part of an Instagram Stories ad platform beta test
  • Create a full-motion video that works as both a single unit, and as 3 individual pieces
  • Engage users in the first 3 seconds, and sustain interest throughout 3 different scenes
  • Deliver assets in English ready to be localised across relevant geographical locations
The response
  • We delivered a boldly progressive video ad, built to speak to modern consumers in ways that previous campaigns did not. In the new Instagram stories ad format, we produced three five-second ‘cards’ targeted at newcomers to introduce the versatility of the Sonos One.
The success measures
  • This ad, and the subsequent Sonos Beam ad created by Splash, were each Sonos’ most successful Instagram ads and drove video increased completion rates by three times compared to performance benchmarks.