Global Localisation during COVID-19

Whilst navigating through the COVID-19 world, we are all facing the new realities of doing business. Marketers are no exception to this and will face tougher challenges than ever to deliver their communication plans. 

For the foreseeable future, these challenges will include previously successful marketing strategies and activities now unfeasible; restrictions on what types of production can be carried out; changes to media mix/media pricing and – above all – immediate pressure on all budgets. Marketers will need to demonstrate more efficiency in everything they create and more effectiveness in everything they deliver.

Since its foundation 16 years ago, Splash Worldwide has always focused its business on delivering measurable efficiencies underpinned by technology. The vision is to enable new ways of working and ensure measurability. We call our complete platform ‘creative technology’ as it is designed to provide a robust solution to managing all global marketing activity, from ideation to localisation. For advertisers, our creative technology can provide a global localisation platform for their brands, allowing local relevance and global consistency to be achieved. Today, Splash works with major marketers such as Google, Nike, SONOS and many others to drive marketing efficiency.

We have recently published a Thinkfast report which seeks to explain how these ways of working are even more relevant in the COVID-19 economic environment and to quantify the benefits for marketers through a series of client case studies. You can request a copy of this report by emailing us at hello@splashworldwide.com.