Decoding Gen Z – The Latest and Greatest Insights

Building on the previous thought piece around Gen Z and IGTV, we have been continuing our research and insight gathering around Generation Z to better understand for our clients how we can engage this audience more effectively.

If you do a search on Gen Z you will find there is no shortage of reports, articles and blogs. We have been reading as many as we can to uncover the latest and greatest findings to uncover those hidden gems of insight, data and behaviours that can give us a spark of inspiration to build out more informed creative strategy.

For instance, did you know: 64% of Gen Z are willing to pay more for a product from a brand that embraces and aligns with causes they identify with ? (ref: McKinsey 2018) We have been able to uncover a whole host of useful and intriguing insights like this from our research.

What has got us really thinking (and excited) is based on these technographic and psychographic insights like this what does this all mean? And more importantly what action can we take to influence the content and campaigns we roll out?

This led us to create a useful (and relatively snackable) industry overview of the most useful and unique insights and findings around this demographic. We also sprinkled this with our strategic POV on how best to utilise these nuggets and gems in any creative and content strategy.

You can access this full overview report below. If this sparks some inspiration or idea generation, give us a shout and we will be more than happy to help you build out a strategy on how your brand can effectively engage with this audience.

So do you think you could be targeting Gen Z? Get in touch if you think we could help.

James Croft